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Yowsun Care’s Carers and Family Charter is an agreement to act in ways that help our service user, their carers and family to feel the way they want to feel when using our services. It is something we share with service users and their carers and family members on admission, and everyone has a voice in creating a Charter and everyone has a responsibility to uphold it.


We know that no one size fits all, in many areas of life and so it is in social care, which makes it a tradition for us to foster personalised care for all our service users and taking real cognisance of what may happen, whilst using our services, hence, we also make Safeguarding personal, following all due processes and procedures and the overarching guidelines of Yowsun Care.


Our pledge

Identify carers and family members

Ask the people who use our services if they have a carer and how they want you to be involved

Ensure you are visible throughout the service user’s journey with us

Support our staff to identify and engage with you


Recognise carers

Listen to and respect you

Acknowledge your expertise and ask your opinions

Embrace the diversity of carers and value difference through inclusion for all


Inform and involve carers

Keep you informed by sharing relevant and meaningful information

Involve you in the planning and delivery of our services

Explain why, if for legal reasons, we cannot inform or involve you

Ask you for your feedback on our services


Guide and support carers

Provide clear, accurate and understandable information

Recognise the wellbeing needs of carer

Connect you to local support across health and social care services and our voluntary sector partners

This way to Yowsun Care Safeguarding Policy
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