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Live-in Care

Yowsun Care provides extraordinary Live-in Care services, which gives you round the clock care in the comfort of your home with your trusted and experienced caregiver!


Call 01702382312 to speak to a specialist Care Adviser


Yowsun Care provides 24hour live-in Care services when you need more than a visiting service. Our live-in Care services are tailored to meet your specific needs, with you in the driver’s seat, deciding which package suits you or your loved one.


This service is where you decide that you would like to have someone in your home full-time, to help you around the clock. This service works well for both individuals or couples.


With our live-in Care services, you will be provided with a fully managed and well-trained care giver who lives in your home and can carry out daily chores, but also has the skills and training to support you with medication or medical equipment, depending on your needs.


Live in care helps you live the life you want, on your own terms. We always ensure that you are matched with a caregiver whose skills and experiences are adequate to your needs, by listening and getting to know you, before putting a unique package of support in place. Together, we’ll help you stay in the home you know and love, just the way you want it to be.


Our Live-in Care services for the elderly encompass all manner of tasks. Our staff are on hand to assist with personal care, medication handling and administration, equipment handling, continence care and management, shopping, laundry, ironing, vacuuming, escorting on trips and holidays and all other day to day chores, depending on your needs. To discuss your care requirements or for your loved one, please contact Yowsun Care today on 01702593065 or direct access on mobile phone: 07538728544, or email:


Alternatively, you can complete a request form below, to get a free Live-in-Care Assessment Call.  We are always happy to discuss your care needs with you.

The Benefits of Live-in Care Services

Live-in Care has now become the choice of many families as a valuable alternative to a residential care home. This is because Live-in Care services offer the extra comfort and reassurance of 24-hour one-to-one live in support in an unrestricted environment. The opportunity that living in your own home with adequate professional support and companionship gives Live-in Care services the hallmark it currently enjoys.

Yowsun Care is an independent care provider of live in care services and our aim is to reduce disruption that can come with ageing and restore some normality within the home. We want our clients to continue to enjoy an excellent quality of life within a familiar environment, whilst being fully supported by someone who understands their unique needs.

At Yowsun care, this is a dedicated and fully managed service that comes fully regulated and very flexible. Our standards ensure high quality services for all our clients.

Live-in Care Fees and Packages

As you know, retaining your independence is vital in later life. This is why we have made our tailored live-in Care packages flexible and bespoke to individual needs.


Starting from £1200, you can choose from our different packages that we have carefully crafted for you.



Companionship live-In care ranges from no personal care requirements to those people who need assistance with some smaller aspects of personal care and day-to-day living.

This package starts from £1200 per week for each individual. If you require this package for two people living in the same household, call to speak to our specialists, at 01702382312.


All Round Personal Care

Personal care ranges from those needing slightly more help such as catheter care to those with a specific healthcare need such as Cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s, reduced mobility, and some forms/stages of dementia. This package starts at £1500 per week /individual


High Level Dependency Care


High levels of personal care with more severe stages of neurological disorders and/or physical incapacity. People may require hoisting or may display some challenging behaviors. This package starts from £1850 per week/individual.


Specialist Complex Care


Specialist care is for children, young people, or adults with life-limiting or long-term conditions. High levels of care include, ABI, ventilator care, continence care – including support for catheter, bowel, and stoma – tracheostomy care, and PEG-gastrostomy care. This package starts from £2000/per week/ individual.

At Yowsun Care, our services are highly personalised to your needs. We’ll like to hear from you so that we can discuss your specific needs so we can tailor our services to your direct needs.

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