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Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Care Services

Daily Care To Support Your Independence

Our Daily Care package is perfect for those who just need that extra little bit of support to live at home. Our visits are for two hours or more at a time, and for ten hours or more per week. We find that this allows for long-lasting and meaningful relationships between care workers and service users. It also helps our service users to get greater results with the care they receive. This care can happen between 7am and 9pm, seven days a week.

Live-in Care

This is when one of our carers lives in the house with your loved one full-time. They are on hand to assist with all activities of daily living during both the day and overnight.

The great thing about live-in care is that, because a carer is living with you in your own home, you are enabled to feel safe and supported in the place you know best. You and your family will have peace of mind that you have someone there for you whenever you need them, and you will have the support you need to remain in your own home. After all, home is where the heart is, and that’s exactly why live-in care is a perfect solution if you need round-the-clock care.

Our clients are not restricted to a daily routine and in addition to assisting with everyday tasks such as personal and household duties, our caregivers can support our clients in partaking in their favorite activities, whatever they may be.

We understand that sharing your home on a full-time basis can be a daunting process, so we place paramount importance on matching our caregivers to our clients, based not only on practical experience but also their overall personality. Typical features we look for when assessing social suitability include personal attributes, common interests, hobbies, and communication skills.

Elderly Care

As our life expectancy increases so does the demand for quality care services. This is where home care services does it all. This is because elderly people have access to retain their independence in their own homes, with greater financial rewards, when compared to full-time residency at a nursing or care home.

Support provided as part of our Elderly Care package may include assistance with personal care, household duties, preparing and cooking meals and escorted outings.

As with all our care services, our Elderly Home Care package is planned around our client's individual needs and choices. We endeavour to support independent living and aim to work with our clients, rather than for them whenever possible.

Physical Disability Care

As many people as there are, currently living in the UK with some form of physical disability, we strongly believe that everyone should have the chance to live a full and independent life and the provision of home care services means that for some with disabilities, it is possible to stay within their own homes and still live life fully. Our approach to providing home care services ensures that all our clients get bespoke care packages designed around their needs and  wishes. Experience tells us that these requirements often change over time so we constantly review and re-assess our clients to ensure we are providing the best possible home care service. All our care givers are adequately trained in a many of the skills involved in physical disability care including dressing, bathing, managing medicines and the correct process of moving a client safely and appropriately. They are also experienced in the use of specialist equipment such as hoists, stand aids, wheelchairs and other relevant equipment.

Hospital Discharge and Recuperation Service

Gaining the strength and the ability to do everyday tasks can be challenging, when you have had a few days' stay in the hospital or even weeks. It’s important to have a warm welcoming home to return to after a hospital stay.  Our Welcome Home and Recuperation Care Service allows you the time to get back into shape and gain the strength you need to recuperate and gain your abilities back. For clients returning from a stay in hospital, we ensure all of the important jobs are taken care of; from a lift home, to unpacking bags, taking care of laundry, light housekeeping, shopping and meal preparation. Whether you want a two week service or something for a longer period, we are sure we've got you covered. Speak to us today if you need some help recuperating after being in hospital.

Respite Care

Giving others care and love without you having enough time for yourself can cause stress for you and may lead to anxiety or even, some sort of breakdown for you. Our respite service is right for you, if you need to take some time out or just take a break and breathe.

If you’re a family member or a carer and for some reason your loved one requires more care during a particular time of the day or, should you require a time-out or you are going on holiday for a short period, we can provide care during this time. A bank of 10 hours can be purchased to top up your regular care with us.

Young Adult

Caring for a young person with disability can put a huge strain on everyday life. Our Young Adult home Care packages are designed to give respite and flexibility to your family.

Our care givers are experienced in working with young people with a range of physical and learning disabilities and are specially trained in a number of fields.

Working closely with both the family and healthcare professionals, we will develop a care plan tailored to your needs and this might include assistance with personal care and household duties or even support in leading an independent life such as a trip to the cinema or a local sporting event.

It’s also important when working with vulnerable young people that they feel completely at ease with their carer. This relationship is very important to us and as such we will match a carer to your family not only on their professional experience but also their personality and interests.

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