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Wendy-Lett Repositioning Sheets Training

How to Reposition a Client in bed using the Wendy-Lett as a Single Carer
How to move a client up the bed using Wendy-Lett Sliding Sheets
How to Move a Client up the bed and sit them Up without sliding down
The All-in-One How To Use Wendy-Letts Training

As part of the services we provide at Yowsun Care, Moving and Handling tasks are an essential part of our services and sometimes, the use of specialized tools and equipment is fundamental to the way we do our job.

As with other moving and Handling tools that we use, the Wendy-Lett sliding sheet is popular within our current services. Hence, the need for this training.

Please watch the training below to acquaint yourself with the use of the Wendy-Lett Repositioning Sliding sheets, particularly for single-handed carer use.

Ensure to complete the questionnaire emailed to you prior to taking this training and return appropriately after completing the training.

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